Some destinations are so remote, they seem almost legendary, tucked away in the corner of a map, seemingly unreachable…

"We explored the small islands of the archipelago collecting the stories of its few inhabitants. Many times, we could not count more than 15 people on an entire island, in contrast to hundreds of penguins, albatrosses, and colonies of elephant seals. Human population is so scarce that animals do not see us as a threat. They approached us as if they did not know what humanity is capable of; and that was definitely humbling."

- Antonia Reyes Montealegre, illustrator.

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Although conflict brought the Falklands to the center of the international stage, they remain one of the few unspoiled areas of the planet in which the wildlife is still at ease with human kind. It is only by improving our knowledge and awareness of the finely balanced ecosystems of the islands that we can ensure their unique character is preserved.

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Despite their remoteness, the Falkland Islands are gaining attention thanks to the efforts of the local government and British embassies in South America, working to highlight the archipelago's abundant and untamed nature and position the islands as a niche destination inviting scientific research and wildlife enthusiasts.

Isolation, due not only to geographical location but also to its small population and lack of technological connectivity, was the first attribute to be highlighted. The journey was a retreat from the digital world that allowed full presence with nature and the local community. A vintage, nostalgic vibe impregnated the atmosphere constantly. From vintage cars to war memorabilia, objects found their way to contribute to the timeless allure of the islands.

"I’ve traveled to many places in search of inspiration for my projects, but I had never experienced such powerful close encounters with animals. To sit for hours in a sandy beach surrounded by shore birds and be able to take their photographs just using a portrait lens. I don't think I'll ever come across those opportunities of contemplation and coexistence."

- Antonia Reyes Montealegre, illustrator.

LOCATION Falkland Islands YEAR 2022 PHOTOGRAPHY, WORDS & ILLUSTRATIONS Antonia Reyes Montealegre

THIS PROJECT WAS COMMISSIONED BY UK Embassy in Chile, Falklands Islands Government

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