PARAISO is the creative space of chilean visual artist and naturalist Antonia Reyes Montealegre. As a naturalist illustrator turned writer and storyteller, she explores her homeland and faraway places of all sorts, capturing stories of wilderness that inspire us to reconsider our relationship to nature, while promoting care and conservation of species and landscapes around the world.

Antonia explores the intersections between Nature, Art and Narrative in the shape of illustrations, photography, writing and immersive educational experiences. In present times of lost connection to kinship and purpose, she strives to share a sensitive perspective of the living world; extending an invitation to go outside and seek meaningful and transformative experiences within Nature.
Her wildlife illustrations have been exhibited in Chile, Buenos Aires, Costa Rica and Menorca.

In 2017 she founded an ongoing learning project that teaches naturalist illustration as a possibility for renewal and deep political change. Now officially trained as an environmental educator, her workshops reach an audience of over 20K students from all over the globe.

Wildlife Nature Illustrator Antonia Reyes Montealegre - PARAISO

The Stories
Under the strong belief that the power to reshape our current realities lies in new narratives, the stories by PARAISO are crafted under the mission of seeding new messages and illuminating perspectives that foster transformation. Through PARAISO, artist Antonia Reyes Montealegre offers multidimensional storytelling across traditional and emerging mediums, understanding new audiences and platforms without shying away from in-depth, long-form content to engage with discerning listeners and bridging with purposeful brands and initiatives.

Printed Editions
The Printed Editions are meant to share the illustrations of Antonia Reyes Montealegre, curated as elegant and engaging publications that can be considered individual works of art. Crafted as high quality visual, narrative and tactile experiences; and designed, printed and packaged with sustainability as a core belief. Fine Art Prints and other publications are available for purchase in the online store and selected museums, design stores and bookshops across Chile.

Online Courses & Immersive Learning Experiences
PARAISO hosts a variety of online and in-person learning experiences focusing on wildlife illustration as an insightful approach to nature and a powerful tool for developing deeply needed empathy towards the living world. Workshops provide a space for learning and sharing in community, developing skills and empowering artists.


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A note from Antonia:

PARAISO (paradise) is our mythical place of origin and the distant destination to which we can dream away to. Whether in a map or born out of imagination, it unfolds as a tapestry of landscapes and inhabitants from living and inanimate realms, interwoven by stories into one grand narrative. PARAISO is the boundless garden that inspires my illustrations and the ethereal state I evoke on each piece of paper. In this place, all species coexist in harmonious unity and unrestrained creative self-expression.
Are we travelers in a permanent quest for paradise? or can we become the creators of the world we want to inhabit…

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